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Hosting Controller
1. What is Web Hosting?
2. What server platforms and operating system do you support?
3. How will people who are not at their computers learn about my company's Web page?
4. Will my company's Web page take longer to load than others because of limited bandwidth or network capacity?
5. What does upload means?
        1. What is Web Hosting?
A service that allows you to upload and store a site's HTML documents and related files on a Web server. This makes the files available on the World Wide Web for viewing by the public. Also called site hosting.
      2. What server platforms and operating systems do you support?
  We support both Windows 2008 and Linux Web hosting; Microsoft FrontPage. Currently, we are running IIS 7.0 on Windows 2008 or higher and Apache Web server on top of Linux operating system . We also provides customized Web Hosting for customers who prefers tailored Web sites or who have unique needs.
      3. How will people who are not at their computers learn about my company's Web page?
  The best way for people to learn about your Web page is for you to publicize your presence on the World Wide Web. This can be done in different ways. You can put your Web page address on your letterhead, business cards, display ads that you run in traditional print media, and any other promotional materials you may disseminate. We will also help you submit your URL to more than 1000 search engines and links when you host with us.
     4. Will my company's Web pages take longer to load than others because of limited bandwidth or network capacity?
  By tapping on 1-Net Internet Data Centre's multi-tier Internet backbone, multiple international circuit and advanced router technology, you will instantly access the bandwidth needed for true, real time multimedia Web service. Since MBCC Solutions Web server is directly connected to Singapore One Broadband Network backbone, you will not experience the poor performance associated with limited bandwidth or network capacity. Unless your Web pages contain large graphics files, then it may take longer to load than others.
      5. What does upload means?

Uploading (also known as: publishing) means moving files from the computer on which you're currently working, to another computer, usually a web server (a computer that makes your files accessible on the Internet). The most common way to upload files is via FTP. If you have FrontPage server extensions enabled, you can also use FrontPage's built-in tool to publish your web pages to the Internet.

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