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What are FrontPage extensions?


Do you support FrontPage extensions?


What is the charge for installation of FrontPage extensions?


When do I need FrontPage extensions?
5. How do I publish my FrontPage pages to Internet ?


Why I can't use FTP or a shell account to upload, edit, or move FrontPage pages?
        1. What are Front Page extensions?
FrontPage extensions are "webbot" components, like forms and counters, that are built into the FrontPage software. Some of the things FrontPage extensions can do include: making hit counters, formmail, and file upload.
        2. Do you support FrontPage extensions?
  Yes, we support Frontpage extensions 98/2000 and 2002.
       3. What is the charge for installation of FrontPage Extensions?
  FP 2000/2002 extensions are available for all Windows 2000 clients. There are no additional charges. Just write to us at support@mbcc.com.my to install them.
      4. When do I need FrontPage Extensions?
  FrontPage extensions are server-side extensions for Web servers which allow the Microsoft FrontPage client to transfer data and files back and forth. They also provide special functionality that works hand in hand with the scripts you can easily add to your website through FrontPage such as the FrontPage Discussion Forums.

You will need to install FP extensions only when you want to take full advantage of all the FrontPage features. This includes features such a full-text searching, one-button publishing and threaded discussion groups.
       5. How do I publish my FrontPage pages to the Internet?

You must first request for installation of FrontPage extension to your domain and you must publish your pages using MS FrontPage's built-in publishing tool.

How do I do that?

Microsoft has released an excellent tutorial for FrontPage users, which includes a detailed explanation of how to use the publishing tool. Here's how to find it:

1. Go to the MSDN library page, at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp.

2. In the side bar, click on + Office Solutions Development.

3. Click on + Microsoft FrontPage.

4. Click on + Microsoft FrontPage 2000.

5. Click on + Tutorial.

6. Click on + Lesson 2: Designing and Publishing the Millennium Celebration Web.

7. Click on + Publishing the Millennium Celebration Web.
      6. Why can't I use FTP or a shell account to upload, edit, or move FrontPage pages?

FrontPage runs inside the Apache server. Thus, when we enable FrontPage for a domain, everything for that domain must be owned by dhapache (the user that Apache runs as). There is no way around this.

If you enable FrontPage extensions for your domain, you will no longer be able to edit files outside of the FrontPage program, and you won't be able to publish, delete, or move stuff via a shell account or FTP.

If at some future date you no longer wish to use FrontPage extensions, contact Tech Support to remove the Frontpage extension

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