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1. What's a Domain Name?
2. Why would I need a Domain Name?
3. What Domain Name can I register with MBCC Solutions?
4. What is the difference between domain registration and web hosting?
5. What is domain parking?
6. What is a sub-domain ?
7. Can I host my current domain name which I purchased through another registrar?
        1. What's a Domain Name?
A Domain Name is a unique alphanumeric name used to identify a particular computer (i.e. Web server or mail server) on the Internet. Also called “Website address” or “URL” (Uniform Resource Locator) or simply “domain”. A Domain Name must only use letters, numbers, dashes, and periods. They always end with a Top-level domain such as the most common .com, .net, .org, or .edu. An example of a domain name is mbcc.com.my.
       2. Why would I need a Domain Name?

There are several reasons why one may need a domain name.

  • If you want to build and host a website so that others on the Internet can see your files, pictures or documents, you will need a domain name for people to find the computer that hosts and serves up your files.
  • When telling someone to go to your website you will need to tell them to go to www.mydomain.com, rather than the IP address, which is not as easy to remember.
       3. What Domain Names can I register with MBCC Solutions?
  We are able to offer Top Level domain names (TLDs) such as .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, etc; Third Level Country Domain .com.sg, net.sg, org.sg, edu.sg, and per.sg; .com.my, .net.sg, .org.my, .edu.my, and .name.my Domain Name registrations.
      4. What is the difference between domain registration and web hosting?
  Registering your domain gives you sole ownership and rights to the name of your site. No one else has access to the actual name of the domain and it is taken off the market.

However, just because you own the domain doesn't mean you have got a server configured to serve a web site at that domain or to handle email for that domain. Web hosting provides that server, its network connection, its configuration, and its upkeep. You just need to upload your site to the server and configure your email accounts via an Email Administrator control panel.
       5. What is domain parking?
  Domain "parking" provides a temporary, one-page placeholder for your domain. Visitors to www.yourdomain.com will see a generic message --- usually "coming soon" or "under construction." Domain parking does not include space for your website on the host company's server; you cannot put a website up at a parked domain. Parked domains have no email accounts, and cannot send or receive email. In short, a parked domain is to a hosted domain, what a bookmark is to a book.

We are providing domain parking at a nominal one time fee of S$50 (this fee will offset the setup fee when you host with us in future), as well as a wide range of fully customizable domain hosting plans. Visit us at http://www.mbcc.com.my/hostingfeatures.asp for more details!
      6. What is a sub domain?

Any extension of a domain: i.e. my.domain.com is a subdomain of domain.com. Whoever registers the domain also gets all possible subdomains.

       7. Can I host my current domain name which I purchased through another registrar?

Yes, you can host your domain name with us. You need only to modify your DNS info to your domain name to point to our name servers after subscribing your desired web hosting package with us.

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