Terms & Conditions
1. Strictly limited to 5 web pages ( 5 x A4 size paper as a guide ) only. Any additional page will be charged at minimum RM 150 per page.
2. Maximum of 10 pictures are allowed for the 5 web pages. All pictures must be provided by client. Any additional picture inserted to the website will be RM 20 each.
3. SOFT copy only of write-up, pictures or brochures must be provided by the customer.
4. SOFT copy of write-up to be saved in MS Word ".doc" file format and the images to be saved in ".jpeg or .gif " format. 
5. Work shall only commence upon receiving the required materials from the customer.
6. GIF or Flash animations are not included in this package.
7. A grace period of upto 30 working days must be allowed by the customer to build the website.
8. Additional items or changes are chargeable after the website has been uploaded to the server and made live.